How to Safely Hang Holiday Lights on Your Roof

The holidays are upon us! If you’re getting into the spirit of things, you’ve probably thought about putting your holiday decorations up. As roofing professionals, we want to make sure you know how to safely hand holiday lights on your roof this time of year.

Safety and Integrity First!

First and foremost, we never recommend that home or business owners go up onto their roof. There are plenty of risks that come with roof work. As far as holiday lights go, never attempt to do anything if the ground is wet or if snow is visible. Weather creates additional hazards that you may not anticipate!

There’s a common misconception about holiday lights. Many people mistakenly believe that they can staple lights onto their asphalt composite shingles.

Do not do this, as it damages your shingles and can cause leaks!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • A friend (helper)
  • Roof light clips.
  • Outdoor extension cords.
  • Duct Tape to secure the cords to the ground
  • Sturdy shoes (we recommend work boots or sneakers)

1.) Have a Helper

If conditions are safe and your lights are ready, it’s time to grab a helper. Columbine Roofing knows the value of a spotter, especially if you’re using a step stool or small ladder. Of course, they can tell you how to distribute the lights too, preventing you from hours of extra work!

2.) Roof Clips for Lights

Make things easy on yourself, and grab some roof clips at your local hardware store. On your roof’s edge, attach the clips or hooks to make decorating simple year after year.

To protect your roof, don’t puncture your shingles or tuck clips under the shingles, as these can damage your roof.

3.) Get Creative

Want to awe your kiddos or neighbors? Get creative with how you arrange your lights this year.

A single row of lights along the lower part of your roof is not only classy, but keeps you and your helper safe. You can tie the look together with candles in the understairs windows, or even decorative wreaths.

Now, the question is, will you go with classic white or colorful lights?

Happy Holidays, from Columbine Roofing

The Columbine Roofing team wants to wish you the happiest of holidays. We hope our little guide can help you create a festive space for you, your family, and friends, to celebrate the holidays together.

If you have any roofing question, or need a winter roof repair, reach out to us!


Save Money! Attic Ventilation in Colorado

Trying to save money this winter? Drumroll, please! All Colorado Homeowners should be investing in attic ventilation systems. The newest technology cuts costs and has many other benefits.

What is Attic Ventilation?

Attic Ventilation Systems are based on one core concept: that hot air rises.

Using two types of vents, attic ventilation systems are able to rotate cool and warm air. Intake vents, under the eaves of your roof, pull in cool fresh air. Exhaust vents, near your roof’s peak, allow hot air to escape.

Why does all of this matter?

Well, a sealed attic can spell catastrophe for your roof.

The excessive heat and trapped moisture affect your shingles, your utility bill, and your roof when it’s covered in snow.

Trapped heat and water drastically shorten the life of your shingles, leading to untimely repairs and sometimes a new roof altogether. The trapped heat impacts your home’s ability to cool and warm itself, leading to stress on your furnace and rising costs. Lastly, the heat trapped within sealed attics can create roof-damaging ice dams that can cause leaks.

How Does Attic Ventilation Save Me Money?

Attic ventilation systems make for consistent heating and cooling. With consistency, Colorado homeowners are able to save money!

Think about it like this:

Imagine how much harder your cooling systems would have to work if your attic was allowed to hit temperatures of 120 degrees (common in the summer) due to the sun beaming down on your roof?

Attic ventilation in Colorado means that your home is able to more efficiently heat and cool your home, since neither hot nor cold air is trapped in your attic.

Are There Other Benefits of Upgrading My Attic Ventilation?

Reduced energy costs aren’t the only benefit of upgrading your attic ventilation system. In the winter, snow piles up on your roof. Effective attic ventilation reduces snow build-up and the formation of roof-damaging ice dams.

If you’re a Colorado resident, you’ve seen snow piled feet high on rooftops. This is often due to poor attic ventilation. With an upgraded system, your roof won’t have to work as hard in the winter. Plus, the chances of snow causing any damages to your roof, or leaks, will be greatly reduced.

How Can Columbine Roofing Help?

Our experienced residential roofing team is here to help you improve your attic ventilation system. Again and again, our family-owned business has proven that we put homeowners first. When it comes to attic ventilation, our team is here for you.

Whether you want new attic vents or are in need of new attic insulation, our team is here. We’ll inspect your roof and make recommendations based on your needs and budget. From there, we can install an improved attic ventilation system that will save you money and frustration!

Call for an Estimate!

Interested in learning more about attic ventilation for your Colorado home. Reach out to us!


Columbine Roofing: A Residential Roofing Company Westminster Homeowners Trust

Columbine Roofing has a reputation for excellence. Are you looking for a residential roofing company in Westminster, Colorado? Our team is here for you for all of your roofing needs.

What Makes Columbine Roofing Unique?

Not all roofing companies are the same.

Whenever you hire a contractor to work on any part of your home, you probably expect a few things:

  • Disorganization
  • A lack of communication
  • A messy job site
  • No support with claims
  • Extra “hidden” fees

Columbine Roofing isn’t like other contractors or roofing companies you’ve had work on your home. We pride ourselves on our commitment to service.

Many of our reviews mention our timeliness, transparency, and customer service.

Want to read all of our reviews? You can find them here.

What Residential Services does Columbine Roofing Offer?

Residential Roofing

We are proud to be the top residential roofing company in Westminster. Whether you need an inspection or a new roof, our team is here for you.

For your new roof, we’ll use only the highest-quality roofing materials. As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we’re able to provide you with a variety of roofing materials – whatever fits your preferences and budget.

Types of Roofs We Install:

  • Tile & Slate
  • Metal
  • Asphalt Composite Shingles: Including hail-resistant and double or triple laminate

When we come to install your new roof, our on-site Project Manager will make sure our crew stays on schedule. Additionally, we’ll make sure to keep your yard and the surrounding area clean and safe for you and your family during and after installation is complete.

Roof Customizations

A roof is more than its shingles.

Want to customize your roof for a specific look or with energy-efficiency in mind?

Our crews are skilled in making recommendations that will best fit your needs. From attic vents to attic insulation, seamless gutters, and effective downspouts, we’ll make sure your roof is exactly the way you want it!

Roof Repairs

No one wants to think about roof repairs. Unfortunately, due to Colorado weather, they’re required at times.

If you’re ever in need of an emergency roof repair in Westminster, Columbine Roofing will get a team out to your home quickly. We’ll access the damage, and provide you with a fast quote. Then, we’ll get the repair done fast.

In times of crisis, you can count on us.

A Residential Roofing Company in Westminster You Can Count On

Being a homeowner isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to keeping up with home repairs. No matter what roofing needs you may have, Columbine Roofing is a residential roofing company in Westminster that you can count on.

We’re here for inspections, installations, and roof repairs whenever you may need them.

Need an estimate? Reach out to us.


Colorado Homeowners: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

It’s October in Colorado, and that means that any day now, winter is going to knock on your front door. Winterizing your home is an important part of being a pro-active homeowner. Prepare your roof for winter with these five tips.

1.) Clean Gutters and Clear Debris

Leaves are falling. Twigs and larger branches are flying through the air. Before winter arrives, clean your gutters and clear excess debris from your roof.

If left to sit, gutters can become rusted, damaged, and even separate from your roof due to the extra weight. The same goes for debris piled up on your roof – when covered by snow or left to drag across your shingles and attic vents, debris can lead to serious issues.

2.) Check for Pest Damage

Animals love creating their winter homes in your gutters, vents, and around chimneys. Before the first snowfall, be sure to check for pests who have decided to call your roof “home.”

If you do find a critter, we recommend calling an animal control professional who can safely remove the nest for you.

Additionally, especially around your chimney, be sure to seal off any open areas – squirrels, birds, and mice love to make these sheltered spaces their own.

3.) Inspect your Attic

Have an attic? Many Colorado homeowners do!

Before heavy rain and dense snowfall, we highly recommend inspecting your attic. If you see any dark patches or water stains, call the Columbine Roofing team! We will come to do a roof repair and inspect your insulation’s integrity before winter arrives.

4.) Invest in Snow Guards

If you live along Colorado’s front range, you know how snowy our winters can be.

Colorado homeowners invest in snow guards if they live in especially snowy areas, like Longmont, Boulder, Morrison, and Evergreen. While snow guards are often thought to protect passersby (those on the sidewalk or in your driveway) they also act to evenly distribute weight across your roof; instead of it piling up and “avalanching,” snow guards act to remove snow in incremental amounts, safety.

5.) Get a Professional Roof Inspection

If you want to protect your investment, getting a professional roof inspection before the winter season is an excellent idea.

Columbine Roofing’s team of experts will inspect and evaluate your roof. If we see any necessary repairs, our team will make recommendations.

Colorado Homeowners: Are you Ready for Winter?

As homeowners ourselves, we understand how important it is to trust your roofing company. Columbine Roofing has a track record of putting our clients first.

Before winter arrives, we’re here for you.


Choosing a Residential Roofer For Your Boulder Home

Are you a resident of Boulder, Colorado? Are you looking for a residential roofer in Boulder who provides excellent service and uses only the best roofing materials? Learn more about why you should choose Columbine Roofing for all of your residential roofing needs.

Commitment to Customer-Service

There are probably a few reasons why you’ve chosen to live in Boulder; the views, work-life balance, and outdoor recreational opportunities may be a few of them.

The last thing you should have to worry about is finding a quality roofing company.

With Columbine Roofing, you don’t have to. Our team of seasoned roofing professionals is committed to providing you with the best customer service experience you’ve ever had. From our first conversation to the final roof inspection, being accessible, friendly, and informative is our goal.

Not only do we provide inspections, installations, and repairs, but we also help with insurance claims. Going above and beyond is our standard.

Residential Roofing Services We Offer

At Columbine Roofing, there are a variety of residential roofing services that we offer.

First, if you believe that your roof needs an inspection, our team is here to complete prompt inspections – whether you’re looking to sell your home or identify where your roof may be experiencing leaks.

Roofing Materials we work with include:

We also offer residential roof installation. Our team works with a variety of roofing materials, which enables us to create the roof you’ve envisioned either for your new build or existing home.

  • Asphalt Composite Shingles
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • Slate

Our team can also customize your venting and insulation systems, which can make your roof more efficient and ultimately lower energy costs.

We also offer roof repairs in the event that your roof needs urgent attention.

Boulder, we are the all-in-one roofing company serving homeowners!

Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor


Owens Corning is an industry leader when it comes to roofing materials.

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we’re able to offer Boulder homeowners the highest-quality roofing materials on the market. Additionally, we’re also about to offer the best roofing warranties available due to our Platinum status; for those want an extra layer of protection, these warranties are a game-changer.

Timely Roof Repairs

Hopefully, you never have to experience a roofing disaster. Unfortunately, in the state of Colorado, they aren’t all that uncommon; Colorado weather changes quickly, and this can impact your roof!

When your roof has a leak, or you need a more substantial roof repair, Columbine Roofing is here for you. No waiting by the phone, or given a service date that seems too far away. Our team is dedicated to providing prompt service, especially when you’re experiencing an emergency.

During times of crisis, our team is here to provide quick service and efficient and effective repairs, always.

Columbine Roofing: A Residential Roofer Serving Boulder Homeowners

Boulder homeowners: are you ready for unprecedented service? Columbine Roofing is here to address all of your residential roofing needs. From installation to repairs, we’re residential roofers you can count on.