3 Tips for Roof Snow Removal

Snow is piling up in the mountains and across Colorado’s front range. We know how tempting it can be to try to remove snow from your roof, especially when it’s a few feet high. While we don’t recommend climbing on your roof to remove snow, here are 3 tips for roof snow removal.

Why You May Consider Roof Snow Removal

Snow is quite heavy. When it piles up on your roof, the access weight can leave to pre-mature wear-and-tear on your shingles.

Additionally, ice-dams can build up. This occurs when the snow closest to your shingles begins to melt during the day but then freezes when temperatures drop at night. If your roof is large, this can mean hundreds of pounds of extra weight on your roof. Ice-dams too, often cause leaks.

1.) Don’t Remove Snow On Your Own

While none of our tips require climbing onto your roof, we still recommend that you never do anything roof related on your own.

Ask a family member or neighbor to help! The last thing you want to do is have a pile of snow fall on top of you – cold, dangerous, and a serious day-ruiner.

Of course, if you ever do need any help with your roof, the Columbine Roofing team is always here for you.

2.) Roof-Raking

While roof-raking may sound like a funny term, it isn’t all that different from the kind of raking you do in the fall.

You can purchase a roof rake at your local hardware store.

Even if you can’t reach the high points of your roof (from the ground), and roof rake does allow you to clear snow off of your roof’s overhanging sections. This is the most important, as the overhangs of your roof are the weakest.

Roof-raking does have it’s limitations.

For example, if you live in a two-story home, a roof rake will only help you clear the overhangs of the roof. Roof rakes are also less effective when snow is wet and slushy.

3.) Consider an Upgraded Attic Ventilation System

If you find yourself raking your roof often and/or still have ice-dams developing, it may be time to consider upgrading your attic ventilation system.

Effective attic ventilation systems efficiently filter warm air beneath your shingles, allowing for faster snow removal and melting. In addition, they can save you quite a bit of money on your monthly energy bill.

Call Columbine Roofing

We always recommend that you never do work on your roof. This protects your investment and of course, ensures that you’re safe.

Instead, call Columbine Roofing for all of your roofing needs. From repairs to new attic vent systems, our team is here for you all year!


Before Winter, Consider a Commercial Roof Inspection

In the winter, Colorado roofs must withstand extreme weather. This is why the Columbine Roofing team has a few recommendations for business owners and property managers. Before winter arrives, consider a commercial roof inspection – here, you’ll learn more about why.

Weather Elements

Colorado winters accompany unexpected snowfall, fierce winds, and icy rain. Your roof is exposed to all of these weather elements and often reacts to them.

Commercial roofing materials react to the temperature and weight of these weather elements. This build-up of moisture and pressure can lead to compromised venting, damaged roof surfaces, and dips that prevent proper water drainage. All of this can spell disaster mid-winter.

Before winter arrives, a professional roof inspection can evaluate any weak areas or roof repairs that will help your commercial roof withstand the winter damage and leak-free.

Support Beams

Commercial roofs are held up by durable beams. When access weight is applied to them, their integrity can be compromised.

Unchecked and weakened support beams can cause leaks. If left alone, support beams can end up costing business owners thousands. This is why we recommend regular inspections as a way to protect your investment and wallet!


Debris Removal

Before snow builds up on your roof, we consider debris removal.

Debris, like leaves and fallen branches, adds access weight to your roof. Then, when it’s all covered by snow, those pounds pile on (and up).

It’s also important to consider how to remove debris in a way that doesn’t scratch or damage your roof. Commercial roofs require special care because of their delicate draining systems. Scratches, dents, and dips all impact how your roof funnels water.

Develop a Snow Removal Plan

Due to the unpredictability, it’s important to have a snow removal plan for your commercial roof.

To remove snow safely, especially in the middle of winter, talking to an expert is critical. During your commercial inspection, our team can make recommendations regarding how, when, and where you should focus on snow removal efforts. Additionally, because you’re safety is important to us, we can provide you with resources that will help you remove snow safely and efficiently.

Contact Columbine Roofing for a Commercial Roof Inspection

Before the snowstorms roll in over the front range, it’s important to care for your investment; getting a commercial roof inspection will save you from frustration and possible damages come February. This simple precautionary step will ease your mind and can end up saving you money in the long-run.

Our team of roofing professionals will complete a timely and thorough inspection of your roof and make recommendations if any roof repairs are required. We’re also very prompt, so if you have immediate commercial roofing needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have questions? Want to schedule an inspection? Contact us.


Fall Roof Maintenance Tips for Colorado Homeowners

Fall is perhaps one of the most beautiful seasons in Colorado. The changing aspens and chill in the air – it’s wonderful. At the same time, the fall season often inherently demands yard work and roof maintenance. Keep your roof in top shape by following our fall roof maintenance tips!

Inspect Gutters and Downspouts

During the fall season, there’s a lot in the air besides cooler weather!

As leaves behind to fall and winds blow debris through the air, these materials naturally land on your roof. If left to reside in your gutters and downspouts, many damages can occur.

Leaf and twig blockage prevents proper roof draining. This can lead to extra stress on your shingles. As winter approaches, if your gutters are left full of this debris, it can cause frozen and blocked gutters. This can lead to gutters disconnecting from your roof and other potential damages.

This fall, be sure to inspect your gutter and downspouts. If you notice leaves, take the time to remove them. Taking this extra step protects your roof and gutters, and can help you rest easy when winter comes.

Trim Trees

One of the biggest dangers to your roof in the late fall and winter are fallen branches. A great way to mitigate this potential is to have your trees professionally trimmed before the fall season ends.

Many homeowners take risks with this fall maintenance tip and end up facing a roofing emergency in the middle of winter.

Don’t let heavy ice-coated branches fall on and damage your roof. Instead, being proactive and having your trees trimmed in the fall reduces the chances of any potential roofing emergencies in the winter.

Check Window and Skylight Seals

Before the front range gets its first snow, we recommend checking your window and skylight seals.

Imagine the potential disasters you could avoid?

From leaks to soaked insulation and damage to your windows, it’s better to be cautious rather than optimistic.

Seals can wear down quickly due to Colorado’s harsh sun and extreme heat. Before winter arrives, and water sits on your roof and permeates these seals, inspecting them is a great fall maintenance habit to get into.

Get a Residential Roof Inspection

Don’t feel comfortable accessing your roof’s fall needs? We get it! We never recommend that homeowners do anything that might jeopardize their safety. If you don’t wait to throw fall roof maintenance into the wind, get a residential roof inspection.

Our roofing experts are happy to come to your home and inspect your shingles, window seals, gutters, and downspouts. After our inspection, we will be able to make any recommendations and provide you with an immediate quote if work is necessary. From there, our roofing team will help get your roof into great shape before winter arrives.

Have Questions About your Residential Roof?

Columbine Roofing is one of the best roofing companies in Colorado. Feel free to call us anytime with questions about your roof.

In the meantime, do what you can to prepare your home for winter by following our fall roof maintenance tips.


How to Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan in Colorado

Colorado roofs are exposed to extreme weather. From high winds to harsh temperatures, hail, and heavy snowfall, they must withstand the elements. Here, you’ll learn more about how to extend your roof’s lifespan in Colorado.

Get Regular Roof Inspections

Regular roofing inspections can significantly extend your roof’s lifespan.


Think about it like this: would you let your car go an entire year without an oil change when you drive it across town every day?

Probably (or at least hopefully) not. If you did, your car’s engine would be severely damaged.

Every day, your roof withstands the Colorado elements. Why let it go unchecked?

A regular roof inspection can catch small damages that, if left to fester, could lead to bigger (and more expensive) problems in the future. If you want your roof to last for years, a professional inspection is an excellent way to increase its lifespan.

Gutter Maintenance

The drainage system for your roof plays an incredibly important role in how your roof functions. If water doesn’t drain properly, your roof experiences wear. Maintaining your gutters is another way to extend the lifespan of your roof.

We recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. If you live in a heavily wooded area with high trees, we recommend cleaning them even more often.

Late spring and late fall are excellent times to clean your gutters. These timeframes maximize the amount of debris you’re most likely to find. Pollen tree buds tend to fall in late spring, whereas in late fall, you’ll most likely have leaves and pine needles to remove.

Of course, be sure to use gloves when removing debris, and to have a spotter if you require a tall ladder. If you aren’t comfortable cleaning your gutters or believe they may need some extra TLC, you can reach out to our team.

Tree Trimming

Due to the somewhat extreme and unpredictable weather patterns in Colorado, many roofs experience storm-related damages. Oftentimes, this occurs because of debris from nearby trees, or even overhanging tree limbs that fall onto the roof. Regular tree trimming is an excellent way to ensure the safety of your roof.

A tree professional can make recommendations for you regarding tree trimming and maintenance. We recommend regularly discussing the removal of dead branches, as these tend to fall when there are high winds.

Look Out for Hail Damage

In Colorado, hail is something that we all have to keep an eye out for. As far as your roof goes, hail can cause serious damages. Not only can hail break tile or damage protective layers of shingles, but it can create valleys where water can linger.

After a hail storm, take a quick peek at your roof. If you notice old discoloration, dents, or spot, call a roofing professional immediately. We can quickly come to inspect your roof and help you with any insurance claims you may have as a result of hail damage.

Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan, Protect Your Investment

At Columbine Roofing, we understand that your roof is an investment. Not only does it protect your home, but your family as well. We’re committed to helping extend the life of your roof in any way that we can.

If you have questions or concerns about your roof, reach out to our team.


Spring Gutter Maintenance and Cleaning

Spring has arrived in Colorado, which means you’re probably thinking about your outdoor to-dos. Now is a great time to think about gutter maintenance and cleaning. Here, we’ll review gutter cleaning, general costs, and what to keep in mind regarding the maintenance of your gutters. 

Gutter Maintenance 

Chances are, you don’t think about your gutters very often. The fact is, your gutters play an important role in the day-to-day regulatory systems in your home. Gutters effectively remove water from your root, which prevents leaks, mold, and water damage. 

If your gutters are not maintained, you’re compromising not only the investments you’ve made, but the overall health of your home.  

Cleaning Your Gutters 

Ideally, you should clean your gutters twice a year: once in the early spring, and once in the late fall. If you live in a very wooded area, we recommend that you clean your gutters more often due to the extra leaves and debris.  

Of course, we always recommend that you hire a professional for safety reasons. If you do decide to clean your own gutters, be sure to have a spotter, and that the weather has left both the ground and roof dry.   

The Cost of Professional Gutter Cleaning  

The cost of a professional gutter cleaning is probably less expensive than you might imagine.  

The square footage of your home has a lot to do with price. Think about it like this – the more square footage you have, the more gutters.  

Professional gutter cleaning costs between $60 – $350 dollars. 

How-to Clean Your Gutters

Clean your gutters wearing gloves and eye protection. Using a plastic scoop, remove debris from your gutters. Once a gutter is clear, flush water through it using the hose to remove any extra small debris and dust.  

It’s also vital to clear out downspouts, which also often become clogged. If you find that you have a clogged downspout, you can use a plumbers snake to loosen any debris before clearing it out with water.  

If you don’t already have leaf strainers or leaf guards, we recommend that you do. 

Guards prevent your gutters from being excessively blocked up. While small debris will still get into your gutters and require cleaning, guards will help significantly keep your gutters more clear and working more effectively.  

If you do opt to clean your own gutters, be on a lookout for a few warning signs, which indicate that further maintenance is needed. 

If you observe: 

  • Pools of water 
  • Cracked paint and flecks of orange rust 
  • Splits or cracks in the gutters themselves.  
  • Gutters that sag or have detached from your home 
  • Watermarks or damage under your gutters  

All of these are signs that your gutters need to be professionally repaired or even replaced. With the help of a pro, not only will your gutters work more efficiently, but your home won’t be susceptible to water damage. 

Call the Pros for Gutter Maintenance, Repair, & Cleaning  

If your gutters are in dire need of repair and maintenance, call our experts today. We promise to take care of your home like it’s our own.