Pros & Cons of Winter Roof Repair

When you have problems with your roof in winter, and wonder if it’s a good time for repairs, know that just about any repair can be done on any roofing system year-round. An emergency roofing repair could ruin your day, but we’re here to make things right! 

If you have a major question or problem with your roof, never wait for your repair to be looked at by a professional roofing company like Columbine Roofing. Sometimes concerns are brought up about the quality of work that can be done in the winter. Most work, as you will find, doesn’t need to be put off for warmer weather, even when you think it’s too cold to be outdoors.

Pros of Winter Roof Repair

In many instances, some roofers will offer off-season pricing. Finding and fixing minor repairs early on will prevent bigger issues that a repair could easily fix. Roofs made from metal, slate, composites, cedar shakes, etc. are dependent on screws, nails, and clips. These can be repaired at any time. With considerable nice, warm-weather days Colorado offers, there are many opportunities, even in winter, to make repairs to most roofing systems.

Cons of Winter Roof Repair

Many flat roof systems are temperature dependent. Cold temperatures can be bad news for roofing repairs. Roofing systems that are self-adhering cannot be installed under a certain temperature based on the manufacturer. If shingles do not seal properly, this can potentially cause exposure resulting in water leaks.

Unpredictable weather patterns, especially those experienced living in the Front Range can make the project slow down at times. Snow and ice may leave a roof slippery and dangerous to stand and attempt repairs on, at times, snow can be removed and repairs can be made, be sure to contact Columbine Roofing professionals for further advice.


Top reasons to consider repairing your roof in winter

  1. It will save you money. It’s possible, based on the time of year, your repair could come at a discounted price.
  2. Repairing in the winter could help save on electricity bills and reduce the use of heat.
  3. Fixing the problem now can help get a step ahead and possibly bigger, more expensive issues that can accrue down the road because of neglected repairs.

Along the Front Range, we experience many days of sunny, optimal temperatures for winter roofing repair. Never neglect a small roofing problem as it could turn disastrous. At Columbine Roofing, we pride ourselves on our professional installation using proper techniques and materials.


Can You Replace A Roof in the Winter?

If you are considering replacing your roof along the Front Range this winter, there are a few things you need to know. Most will tell you that spring and summer months are the best times for roof replacements, but nature can strike at any time and you may need to replace your roof in the winter months. Having a roof in the best possible condition can save you money in heating bills. 

Why You Might Consider Getting a New Roof in the Winter

A roof in desperate need of repair can allow moisture to penetrate into your home. Water damage could present a disaster for your home so replacing your roof as soon as possible is your only option.

Anywhere from a bad hail storm to missing shingles can have you scrambling to replace your roof as soon as possible. Replacing a roof in winter does have its challenges, but it’s not out of the question entirely. The weather here in Colorado is known for its unpredictability, so keep in mind the replacement process could be a bit slower due to cold, icy mornings and of course shorter daylight hours.

What If the Weather Changes?

Columbine Roofing will ensure that all snow and ice has melted or safely removed from the roof prior to replacing any roof. It is possible to work around a small dusting of snow as long as the weather doesn’t present safety risks. With over 300 days of sunshine along the Front Range, Columbine roofing takes advantage of the weather to keep up with roofing demands.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

If you’re planning to replace an asphalt roof, temperatures need to be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, however other types of roofing materials can be installed despite cooler weather. The weather may stall the process if high winds or precipitation occur, but with plenty of sunny days, and melted snow, work should be able to continue.

Is It Safe?

At Columbine Roofing, we take all safety precautions by wearing the proper gear for the weather, making sure all winter hazards such as snow and ice have been removed (or melted) from the roof, and the proper equipment have made it easy for us to continue roof repairs and replacement even through winter months. Proper installation is our priority.

Do you need your roof replaced?

Don’t ignore roofing problems in the winter.  Call a qualified and experienced roofing company when you’re considering a new roof in the winter. Check out our reviews on Guild Quality, Better Business Bureau, and Google.  Have Columbine Roofing come do a thorough inspection. We work year-round! Winter months shouldn’t put a damper on your roof getting a necessary upgrade.


Common Winter Roofing Issues

Cold weather and snow have set in along the Colorado Front Range. We depend on our home and businesses roofing to protect us from the harsh winter. Having well maintained roofing throughout the winter helps give us peace of mind even during the harshest of winter storms.

Common Winter Roofing Issues Colorado Homeowner’s Face

Ice dams and icicles are the most dangerous roofing problem a homeowner can experience in the winter. Dams form when a snow-covered roof begins the thawing process while portions remain frozen, causing leaks resulting in water infiltration into your commercial or residential building. Making sure your structure has proper insulation and ventilation will prevent ice dams from building up. Inspect drains and keep gutters clean.

Excess weight from snow and hail causes cracking and buckling when left on the roof especially if the snow is wet and heavy. Even light snow can be just the right amount of pressure to cause damage to a roof, resulting in weakness to the structure. Keep a close eye on snow accumulations.

The front range area is known for having snowfall one day and the very next day we are blessed with warm days, sun and blue skies creating quick work melting away the snow. Water is the single largest culprit when it comes to big roofing issues. Making sure your flashing is repaired in order to keep your roof waterproof. If left to fester, melting snow can get underneath shingles and cause damage. Once water gets inside your home and affects your drywall, over time, this can result in mildew and mold.

Much of Colorado’s high winds come in the winter months and many times accompanied by heavy snowfall. High winds could cause flashing to lift and can lead to shingle damage such as cracked, lifted, loose, and missing shingles, which compromise the integrity of the roof. Windy days may also damage your gutters.

Call a Local Roofing Expert if You Need a Repair

Winter is a great time of year for those of us in Colorado who like to get out and enjoy the bright sunshine and snow. Keep in mind that winter roofing can be icy and dangerous to try to navigate on your own and damaged shingles can be difficult to detect.

Save yourself the headache, whether you are looking for residential or commercial inspection or repair, Columbine Roofing is here for all of your roofing needs. Contact us today.


How to Safely Hang Holiday Lights on Your Roof

The holidays are upon us! If you’re getting into the spirit of things, you’ve probably thought about putting your holiday decorations up. As roofing professionals, we want to make sure you know how to safely hand holiday lights on your roof this time of year.

Safety and Integrity First!

First and foremost, we never recommend that home or business owners go up onto their roof. There are plenty of risks that come with roof work. As far as holiday lights go, never attempt to do anything if the ground is wet or if snow is visible. Weather creates additional hazards that you may not anticipate!

There’s a common misconception about holiday lights. Many people mistakenly believe that they can staple lights onto their asphalt composite shingles.

Do not do this, as it damages your shingles and can cause leaks!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • A friend (helper)
  • Roof light clips.
  • Outdoor extension cords.
  • Duct Tape to secure the cords to the ground
  • Sturdy shoes (we recommend work boots or sneakers)

1.) Have a Helper

If conditions are safe and your lights are ready, it’s time to grab a helper. Columbine Roofing knows the value of a spotter, especially if you’re using a step stool or small ladder. Of course, they can tell you how to distribute the lights too, preventing you from hours of extra work!

2.) Roof Clips for Lights

Make things easy on yourself, and grab some roof clips at your local hardware store. On your roof’s edge, attach the clips or hooks to make decorating simple year after year.

To protect your roof, don’t puncture your shingles or tuck clips under the shingles, as these can damage your roof.

3.) Get Creative

Want to awe your kiddos or neighbors? Get creative with how you arrange your lights this year.

A single row of lights along the lower part of your roof is not only classy, but keeps you and your helper safe. You can tie the look together with candles in the understairs windows, or even decorative wreaths.

Now, the question is, will you go with classic white or colorful lights?

Happy Holidays, from Columbine Roofing

The Columbine Roofing team wants to wish you the happiest of holidays. We hope our little guide can help you create a festive space for you, your family, and friends, to celebrate the holidays together.

If you have any roofing question, or need a winter roof repair, reach out to us!


3 Tips for Roof Snow Removal

Snow is piling up in the mountains and across Colorado’s front range. We know how tempting it can be to try to remove snow from your roof, especially when it’s a few feet high. While we don’t recommend climbing on your roof to remove snow, here are 3 tips for roof snow removal.

Why You May Consider Roof Snow Removal

Snow is quite heavy. When it piles up on your roof, the access weight can leave to pre-mature wear-and-tear on your shingles.

Additionally, ice-dams can build up. This occurs when the snow closest to your shingles begins to melt during the day but then freezes when temperatures drop at night. If your roof is large, this can mean hundreds of pounds of extra weight on your roof. Ice-dams too, often cause leaks.

1.) Don’t Remove Snow On Your Own

While none of our tips require climbing onto your roof, we still recommend that you never do anything roof related on your own.

Ask a family member or neighbor to help! The last thing you want to do is have a pile of snow fall on top of you – cold, dangerous, and a serious day-ruiner.

Of course, if you ever do need any help with your roof, the Columbine Roofing team is always here for you.

2.) Roof-Raking

While roof-raking may sound like a funny term, it isn’t all that different from the kind of raking you do in the fall.

You can purchase a roof rake at your local hardware store.

Even if you can’t reach the high points of your roof (from the ground), and roof rake does allow you to clear snow off of your roof’s overhanging sections. This is the most important, as the overhangs of your roof are the weakest.

Roof-raking does have it’s limitations.

For example, if you live in a two-story home, a roof rake will only help you clear the overhangs of the roof. Roof rakes are also less effective when snow is wet and slushy.

3.) Consider an Upgraded Attic Ventilation System

If you find yourself raking your roof often and/or still have ice-dams developing, it may be time to consider upgrading your attic ventilation system.

Effective attic ventilation systems efficiently filter warm air beneath your shingles, allowing for faster snow removal and melting. In addition, they can save you quite a bit of money on your monthly energy bill.

Call Columbine Roofing

We always recommend that you never do work on your roof. This protects your investment and of course, ensures that you’re safe.

Instead, call Columbine Roofing for all of your roofing needs. From repairs to new attic vent systems, our team is here for you all year!